The Laughing Dog Gallery

Susie Wilber, co-owner
Vero Beach, Fla.
What changes did you make to your inventory mix during the economic downturn? What types of items are selling best right now?

We are still positioning ourselves as a destination shopping experience.

We are known in our area as an exclusive, customer-oriented gallery with many one-of-a-kind items. We’ve worked hard to build our brand and our reputation, so we have no interest in sacrificing either.

We are still selling big-ticket items, but not as quickly as in the past. We are not having sales or slashing prices, but we are slowly adjusting our inventory and concentrating on what is working well right now.


Down Creek Gallery

Tony W. McGowan, owner
Ocracoke, N.C.
Have you reduced your inventory levels? What needs to happen before you will feel comfortable increasing your inventory levels?

We did not reduce our inventory levels. We increased our inventory levels at the beginning of the spring season. We looked for lower price points in high-quality works.


Circle Arts

Glenda Burrell, Arlene Kennedy, Simon White, co-owners
Tobermory, Ont., Canada
How do this year’s sales compare to recent years’? Are you seeing a consistent decline or a slow improvement?

Circle Arts is holding its own in these difficult economic times. Contributing factors for fewer visitors to this tourist destination include the new requirement of passports for our American neighbors to cross the border into Canada, the higher cost of gas and, of course, the increasing values of the Canadian dollar.