Countdown to Christmas

The fantasy: customers pour through the doors of your gallery in December and look around in wonder and delight. They’re wowed by the displays, pleased with the selections, and chalk it all up to bands of merry elves working through the night to magically transform everything in sight.

Ready or Not, Obamacare Is Coming

The federal Affordable Care Act (ACA), scheduled to take effect in 2014, comes at a time of rising health insurance costs for small business owners. Annual premiums for employer-provided family coverage grew to just under $16,000 in 2012, a rate some four percent higher than 2011 according to a report from the nonprofit Kaiser Family Foundation.

American Craft Week Is Coming

Americans all over the country will be celebrating the art of handmade craft in a special way this fall during the fourth annual American Craft Week, Oct. 4-13. The 10-day event is expected to feature hundreds of craft-centric events in galleries, studios, museums and schools, as well as fairs and festivals.