7 Great Reasons to Love Dallas

J.R. Ewing was never shy in boasting about the city he loved, and neither are the good citizens of Dallas who live there now. The city’s got a new slogan (“Big Things Happen Here”), great stats (located in the strongest economic region in the U.S., just for starters), and lots of reasons to love the place.

Checking Out the Dallas Arts Scene

One of the added pleasures of being a gallery retailer on visits to other cities is the chance to check out the competition. Extend your stay on either side of the June American Made Show, and you can see all kinds of art in museums, guild shops and retail stores, get into conversations about business with owners, and come away filled with fresh ideas to take back home.

NEA Announces Lifetime Honors Recipients

Among the 13 winners of the National Endowment for the Arts National Heritage Fellowship Awards is Carolyn Mazloomi, a quilting community advocate from West Chester, Ohio. Mazloomi, considered a leading authority on African-American quilts and quilting, was awarded the 2014 Bess Lomax Hawes NEA National Heritage Fellowship. The award is given to a person making significant contributions to the preservation and awareness of cultural heritage.