Biz 101: This Christmas, Deck the Halls, Not Your Customers

For the customer service sector, the holiday season is crunch time. With more shoppers, more sales, more shipping, more advertisements and more product demand, there’s a lot of potential for something to go wrong. At the same time, shoppers’ expectations are never higher. They don’t just want to check every item off their lists; they expect their shopping experience to be fun, festive and full of good cheer.

Biz 101: You Can’t Bargain With Mother Nature

Long stretches of bad weather played havoc with retail sales last winter, but there are lessons to be learned

The winter of 2014 brought record cold and snow throughout North America, and its impact on business and consumer spending was significant and widespread. Just how bad was it? Well, for the S&P 500 companies, the word “weather” was mentioned in almost 200 earnings calls from January through March, which is an 81% increase over the year before.

Yes, You Can Reduce Operating Expenses

Running a small business is challenging in even the best of times, but in a roller-coaster economy, every dollar counts. Still, while many business owners scramble to find additional sources of revenue, that extra capital may be right within current operational expenditures, according to cost management expert Terry McElfresh.