Connecting the Dots

“Building relationships with both patrons and artists is our primary approach to customer service, with each playing a vital role in our sustained success,” says John Mowen, owner of the Mowen Solinsky Gallery in Nevada City, Calif. Located in a spacious 1870s building in the heart of one of the state’s best-­preserved historic Gold Rush towns, its modern interior features a unique mix of contemporary art.

Love + Space + Money

When it comes to selling handcrafted furniture, “It takes a perfect storm,” says Karen Kennedy, furniture gallery director at Grovewood Gallery in Asheville, N.C. “The customer has to love the piece, has to have room for the piece, and has to have the money to buy the piece. If any one of these is missing, we don’t have a sale.”

What’s New: Contemporary Folk Art

Maybe it’s because of modern society’s tendency to take comfort in the past while marching straightforward into green living, but more and more artists are adapting “folk” expressions in their work. They’re drawing on historical roots—visionary, primitive and tribal art—and using everyday objects in a variety of non­traditional ways.