David Royce

“I have a strong feeling that things should be made very well—the craft is what is important,” says glass artist David Royce. In his current work, he combines contrasting hot and cold techniques to mix the elements of fire and water. Luminous and semi-transparent, the glass practically glows.

Evelyn Ward

Ask Evelyn Ward why she is a potter and her answer is simple: “I love clay and I’m just not happy unless I have a creative outlet.” With each piece uniquely made by hand, her soda-fired pieces combine functionality and art in a way that makes it a welcome addition to any kitchen cabinet.

Jay Whyte

Jay Whyte’s life changed when he bought a TV in 1996. Without extra money to buy a stand, he decided to gather up a few power tools and spend $100 on raw materials. When he was finished, the stand he’d built exceeded his expectations. It was “nothing short of exhilarating. I knew right then that I was going to make sawdust from that point on,” he explains.

Jen Violette

One glance at Jen Violette’s mixed-media wall sculptures reveals her constant sources of inspiration—the rural Vermont countryside and the fruits of her garden. Violette cultivates vegetables, berries, shrubs and small trees as long as the region’s short growing season permits. “I love to see the constant, daily changes through the seasons,” she explains. “My garden-inspired pieces allow me to ‘garden’ year round.”