Biz 101: Help!

Part-time workers can be lifesavers when things get crazy. Maybe you’re planning a big in-store event and you need extra help with the customer surge. Or maybe a key employee is taking a vacation and you need someone to fill in. And how about your plans to open evenings and weekends? If the regular staff can’t cover the extended hours, you’ll need people who can.

Gearing Up

As a busy retailer, you may not have time to stay educated on the latest technology. That’s why we’ve collected cutting-edge products that do it all without the learning curve, from lighting displays and taking (or adjusting) the perfect picture to speeding your customers through the checkout line.

To Be (Online) or Not To Be

With more and more consumers choosing to shop from their living rooms, many gallery owners are feeling the pressure to establish a professional website. But what do customers value more: the convenience of clicking and buying online or the physical connection with the art that a bricks-and-mortar gallery allows? While some galleries have decided to replace their storefronts with e-commerce websites, others have found a way to balance the two.

Good Debt vs. Bad Debt

In the 12 months before February 2007, small business relied heavily on credit cards to pay for tax payments and preparation, according to an article from “The Wall Street Journal”. Visa USA reported an 80% increase in credit-card use by small businesses during that time.

Every business needs know how to manage cash flow, but if you’re tempted to turn to a credit card, you may want to try other options first.

Trade Show News

George Little Management held the second World Style Auction at the California Gift Show in July to benefit the non-profit organization Aid to Artisans (ATA). Auctioneer Rich Wasser put 20 works up for bid, with proceeds supporting ATA’s Small Grants Program for international artists. According to Aubin Wilson, director of the California Gift Show, the auction “serves to further promote the show’s commitment to the world-wide development of indigenous craft communities.” The next show runs Jan. 18-21, 2008.

Serving up Handcrafted Food and Art at Maddi’s

How do you expand the fine gallery experience if you’re also a gourmet? Open a restaurant, of course! Diane and Madis Sulg have done just that. Maddi’s Southern Bistro in Huntersville, N.C., adjacent to their Birkdale Village gallery location, opened in May. “The response to Maddi’s Southern Bistro has been wonderful,” Diane says. “People love the fresh, handmade food.”