What’s New: Spouting Off

Very few utilitarian forms have inspired such heights of creativity as the teapot. Although each artist may start out with the same basic shape, the final interpretations almost ensure that no two are alike. Teapots are also a natural collectible. Gathered here is work by eight artists working with teapot forms that you might want to tell your customers about.

Artist Profile: Patti Dowse

For Patti Dowse, founder of Erda Leather, happiness can be found in a piece of American deerskin or recycled fabric. And for the past 40 years, this exuberance has come through in every one of her funky, distinctive handbags.
Originally a science illustrator, Dowse bought her first piece of leather during a lunch break while working in New York City. Inspired to make herself a handbag, the self-taught artist was immediately hooked. “When another woman asked me to make one for her, I couldn’t wait to get started,” she remembers. She opened Erda Leather in 1971.

American Craft Week Is Coming

Americans all over the country will be celebrating the art of handmade craft in a special way this fall during the fourth annual American Craft Week, Oct. 4-13. The 10-day event is expected to feature hundreds of craft-centric events in galleries, studios, museums and schools, as well as fairs and festivals.