2012 Summer

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Putting Clay to Work
By Rosemary Carstens
In Denver’s thriving River North Art District, Plinth Gallery shapes a promising future.

Luck, Love and Jewelry
By Karol Menzie
Seattle gallery owner Karen Lorene shares 40 years of retailing experience in her new book.

Editor’s Letter

Driven, Determined, Staying in the Game
By Hope Daniels

Retail Details

PBS Craft Series Zooms In on Fiber
By Karol Menzie

It’s Cool to Buy American
By Jennifer Clary

Market Calendar
By the NICHE magazine staff

Impulse Buy
By Jennifer Clary

Annual Teapot Shows Steeped in Success
By Karen Nitkin

5 Surefire Predictions for Home Decor
By Jennifer Clary

What’s New

Mirror, Mirror
By Jennifer Clary

Artist Profiles

Melanie Anderson
By Jennifer Clary

Janet Schroeder
By Jennifer Clary

World 2.0

Getting Ahead in the Search Game
By John Jantsch

Retail Resources

6 Marketing Trends to Monitor
By Jennifer Clary

Cover: The interior of Plinth Gallery has been meticulously designed to allow for maximum display of a wide selection of contemporary ceramics by artists from all over the country. Photography by Douglas Kahn/Alpert + Kahn 2010.

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