2011 Summer

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An Artful Collaboration
By Chris Lee
Seasons on St. Croix Gallery demonstrates the wisdom of connecting artists, customers and the community.

Going the Distance
By Vanessa Mallory Kotz
Anyone can open a gallery. It’s keeping it going for 10, 20 and even 40 years that sets really successful retailers apart.

Editor’s Letter

Hats Off to Craft Retailers
By Hope Daniels

Retail Details

World Craft Council Visits Buyers Market of American Craft
By Jean Thompson

MJSA’s Golden Ticket
By Jennifer Clary

Market Calendar
By Caitlin Fultz

World 2.0

Two of a Kind
By Marsha Friedman
Utilize social media to build your gallery’s e-newsletter list.

What’s New

By Jennifer Clary
Seven artists offer handcrafts for the most loved room in the house.

Artist Profiles

Karine Demers
By Jennifer Clary

Joy Stember
By Jennifer Clary

Retail Resources

Think Big, Shop Small
By Jennifer Clary

Book Reviews
By Caitlin Fultz

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