2011 Spring

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Taking a Stand
By Wendy Rosen
It’s going to take fresh ideas and collaboration to fill Uncle Sam’s shelves with more authentic American-made gift items. What can you as small business retailers do?

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Museum Stores DO Buy American
By Jean Thompson
Museums that are buying American-made products are doing it to keep their customers coming back.

Mixing It Up
By Lorraine DePasque
The visionary jewelry designers work in new materials, invent original finishes, and make it a priority to understand cultural trends that have become meaningful to their customers in the new economy.

Portfolio: Baubles, Bangles, All Kinds of Beads
By Jennifer Clary
Jewelry designers have come up with a wide array of exciting new designs at affordable price points.

Editor’s Letter

Senatorial Sticker Shock
By Hope Daniels

Retail Details

For a Psychic Lift, Choose Honeysuckle
By Jennifer Clary

Watch It! This Art Form Tells Time
By Jennifer Clary

What’s New

Mother’s Day Gifts
By Jennifer Clary

Artist Profiles

Marc Tetro
By Jennifer Clary

Evelyn Ward
By Jennifer Clary

NICHE Awards

2011 NICHE Awards Winners
By Jennifer Clary

Retail Resources

Attract Customers with Contests

Facebook 1, Google 0 in 2010
By Kellan Newby-Phipps

Book Reviews
By the Niche Magazine Staff

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