2011 Autumn

Exclusive Online Edition

Special Section: Success by the Numbers

Lists are compelling, especially when they target ways to achieve your professional goals. Included here is a compendium of articles written by business experts that takes a numbered approach to tackling every facet of your gallery business for retail success.

How to Sell Better

5 Reasons Free Is Hurting Us All
By John Jantsch
Free isn’t always the way to be. Jantsch details why businesses should reconsider jumping on the free bandwagon.20 Ways to Generate Ideas to Boost Your Business
By Alexander Haim
The author gives tips for uncovering the “next big thing” in business.6 Resolutions to Grow Your Business
By Alexander Haim
Sometimes bigger can be better, maintains Hiam, who shows how to grow your business with these helpful hints.

How to Generate Publicity

5 (Almost) Surefire Ways to Get Noticed
By Steve Strauss
Strauss enumerates how to better get the word out about you and your business.48 Guerrilla Marketing Tips from Top PR Pros
By Linsey Kernl
Kernl shows how to market your company in a big way on a small budget.

How to Deliver Better Customer Service

9 Traits of a Great Small Business
By Steve Strauss
Be the best (business) you can be, writes Strauss, by acquiring these must-have traits.4 Ways to Keep an Angry Customer
By Steve Strauss
Strauss shares tips on how to cool even the hottest-headed customers.

How to Improve Employee Relations

5 Ways to Get Your New Hires Off to a Great Start
By Suzie Frisch
Integrate new employees seamlessly, says Frisch, with these recommendations.17 Signs that You Are a Great Boss
By Steve Strauss
Find out if you deserve the title of “World’s Best Boss.”

How to Utilize Social Media

5 Ways to Improve Your E-Mail Newsletter
By Monika Jensen
Jensen shares tips for crafting your e-mail newsletters so people will read them.

How to Keep Learning

Don’t Go Out on Your Own Until You Master These 7 Truths
By Scott Ginsberg
Don’t make radical new business plans, writes Ginsberg, until you accept these truths.Have You Befriended These 8 Enemies of Small Business Success?
By Scott Ginsberg
Ginsberg shows how to steer clear of “enemy” words that could derail a small business.21 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read
By Bianca Male
Business professionals share their own lists of must-read books.

2011 Top Retailer Awards

By Jennifer Clary
NICHE magazine recognizes craft gallery retailers, arts nonprofits and unsung heroes of the crafts community with its 2011 Top Retailer Awards.


Arts Business Channel on vimeo
By Caitlin Fultz

A Season for CERF+
By Jennifer Clary

Mercado Named BMAC Show Director
By Jennifer Clary

Gallery News
By Caitlin Fultz

People News
By Jennifer Clary

Impulse Buy
By Caitlin Fultz

In Memoriam
By Jennifer Clary

Market Calendar
By Caitlin Fultz


E-Mail Marketing Packs Power
By Caitlin Fultz

Good Service Is Good Business
By Caitlin Fultz

Tweeting Not High on Some Retailers’ Lists
By Caitlin Fultz

Survey Shows Shoppers Spending Again
By Jennifer Clary

WebWatch: SCORE
By Jennifer Clary

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