Rates & Specifications

Why Advertise?
Because NICHE readers are just YOUR niche!

Display Ads 
Camera Ready Only   (no split billing)
Full page         $ 1,700
1/2 page          $ 900
1/4  page         $ 500

Showcase / Marketplace (Templated Ads)
1/4 page          $ 450 Format
1/6 page          $ 350 Showcase Format
1/8 page          $ 250  Marketplace Format

Advertising Department
NICHE Magazine
Email: info@nichemagazine.com

Mail reservations and materials to info@nichemagazine.com.

See specifications under sizes. All important information should be inside the 7″ by 10″ live area for a full page; smaller ads should keep copy within the page margins.

All cancellations must be in writing and postmarked or e-mailed before the ad closing date. Please check with your ad rep to confirm it was received. Under no circumstances will cancellations be accepted after the closing date. If materials are not received by closing date and insertion order has not been cancelled, the previous ad will run. Advertising ordered at a frequency discount and not earned within one year from the first insertion will be billed at the earned (short) rate. In the event of an error on the part of NICHE, credit will be given in the form of future advertising space.

All advertisers are required to send in an insertion order for each issue. Payment is due 30 days from mail date. A late fee will be added to all accounts past due.

When materials are sent to the Advertising Department, it becomes the property of NICHE magazine. Every effort will be made to return the materials only when requested. However, NICHE magazine will not be liable for any damages or loss.