Digital File Requirements

NICHE magazine cannot be held responsible for the quality of an advertisement if these guidelines are not adhered to.

Applications Supported

NICHE accepts digital files created by the following software applications for Macintosh computers only:

Adobe InDesign CS3
Adobe Illustrator CS3
Adobe Photoshop CS3
QuarkXPress 6.0/6.5

Accepted File Types:

• TIFF (Preferred)
• PDF (Preferred)
• JPEG (Preferred)
• AI

If you are using a software application not listed, it may not be intended for use in a four-color printing. Applications like Microsoft Word, WordPerfect and Microsoft Publisher are not accepted.

Advertisements requiring production work will incur additional service charges to be billed on advertising invoices.

Scanned Graphics


CMYK and grayscale images
300 dpi or higher

Line art (solid black images)
1200 dpi or higher


All images should be scanned to 100% of actual layout requirements. All images should be scanned at the size they will be used in the final advertisement.


All images should be converted and edited to CMYK, grayscale, duotone or bitmap. Do not use RGB, Index or Lab colors. All image files should be saved using EPS or TIFF formats, not LZW, JPEG or PICT. These formats can sometimes affect the quality of an image.

Imported Graphics

When importing graphics into a page layout program, only use EPS and TIFF formats. Graphics should always be linked to a file and not embedded in the document. This will provide greater flexibility in making changes or corrections as needed.

To avoid font problems, graphics created in Illustrator should be converted to “paths” or “outlines” before being placed in a page layout document. It is important that the colors used in imported graphics be consistent with the colors used in the page layout program.


NICHE requires Type 1 fonts to be used in creating all advertisements. All printer and screen fonts used in the document must also be supplied, even Helvetica.

Fonts should never be stylized (made bold or italics) unless there is a corresponding font for that style. Do not use True Type fonts or fonts converted by Fontographer.


NICHE requires that any type or image not intended to bleed must be 5/16″ (.3125) from the trim size (the Live Area). To accommodate material intended to bleed, there must be a minimum of 1/8″ (.125) image area beyond the trim size (the Bleed Size) to guarantee a consistent bleed.

Color Match Prints & PDFs

NICHE can no longer accept four-color film negatives as camera-ready material for an advertisement. NICHE also requires digital materials be sent with Iris match prints.

Color laser or inkjet proofs are not acceptable press proofs. NICHE cannot be held responsible for the color reproduction of an advertisement if an industry-approved digital match print is not provided. Please contact the Advertising Department for settings and additional information.

Media Types

NICHE can accept digital files sent on the following media:

E-mail (less than 7MB)

NICHE will keep advertising materials on file for 6 months after issue date. Materials not requested to be returned after 6 months will be recycled.