About Niche?


NICHE MAGAZINE is the ONLY magazine that reaches 20,000 creative retailers representing stores that often don’t fit any tight category. They are jewelry stores with wedding gifts, art and sculpture and cool leather and fashion boutiques with a demanding customers looking for things that are very different.

Often, they are art galleries that rely on affordable sculpture, fashion and décor to make their galleries more approachable. These stores are perfectly merchandised with products you haven’t seen anywhere else in town.

The owners of America’s coolest stores rely on NICHE magazine for all those unique, handmade and high-designed objects and fashions that are produced in studios across the U.S. and Canada.

And NICHE is the ONLY trade magazine that exclusively targets independent retailers who serve a group of well-educated and well-heeled customers.



NICHE readers are from America’s top art museum shops, fine art galleries, handmade stores, and jewelry stores with crossover merchandise. In these stores you’ll find one-of-a-kind jewelry, limited-edition pottery, art glass and custom engraved wedding gifts. Many of these retailers are forging a new career using the skills they learned in college… like art, architecture or graphic or interior design. Some are even current artists with production space behind or alongside of the store on Main Street.



These retailers didn’t open their stores for fame or fortune… they are the passionate pioneers of urban revitalization projects or the only employer in some small rural towns where customers drive an hour or more to visit the store and studio. They are community leaders acting on a dream to create a more creative and exciting hometown. Their customers are believers in the value of community development, and the Shop Local and Made Local movement.

Your print ad in Niche includes a web campaign, a targeted, cost-effective way to connect with NICHE readers. And because it’s online, every web ad clicks through to your website, driving traffic to your business.



Magazine distribution varies based on the editorial features for each seasonal issue. More than 70% of our readership are loyal, long-term readers who have “qualified” to receive NICHE. Others are retailers who have been referred by studio artists or have the “right mix” of high design or handmade merchandise. Our distribution for each issue of NICHE is modified to reach out to store categories. Our spring issue is our Jewelry Issue.  Fall is Quick Ship, and holiday gift.




Not only is a web campaign a great complement to print advertising, it is also a very targeted, cost-effective way to connect with NICHE subscribers. And because it’s online, every web ad clicks through to your website, driving traffic to your business.

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