Impulse Buy

Mary Kearns made her first aromatic bath and body goods using a DIY kit she’d ordered for her daughter from a children’s catalog. The scents, textures and creativity involved led first to a hobby, then a part-time gig and finally, a full-blown obsession. Today she creates products and fulfills orders as head of her own company, Herban Lifestyle, from her studio and shop in Fairfax, Va.

With a mission to “make the world a happier, healthier, better-smelling place,” Herban Lifestyle offers a full line of natural and organic products ranging from shampoo bars and functional soaps to vegan sugar scrubs, shea butter lotion bars and lip balms that smell and taste good enough to eat.



“I make soaps every week,” she says of one of Herban Lifestyle’s signature products that are offered in a variety of scents including florals, herbals and beer. “One of our scrubs even has real coffee in it,” she adds. All are beautifully packaged and, as Kearns notes, “infused with love and gratitude.” Products like the Orange Ginger Shampoo Bar and Lime + Ginger lip balm shown here are made with eco-friendly vegetable oils.

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