Impulse Buy: BirdQueen Designs

Gretchen Diehl, of BirdQueen Designs in Philadelphia, relies on vivid dreams, people and animals she’s known and loved, and verbal and visual misinterpretations to create “original, affordable, adorable plastic jewelry that’s meant to make a statement wherever you go.” Diehl and production managers Melissa Magri and Michele Smith print the artist’s designs on ink jet shrink film. This plastic is baked in an oven, where it becomes harder and thicker. Then each piece is sprayed with clear acrylic to seal it. Many pieces are hinged so they drape naturally. Necklaces have nickel-free silver tone chains to keep them more affordable; gold-plated chains are $10 extra. A 2×1-inch octopus necklace wholesales for $15; a 3×1.5-inch version is $18. The 3×2-inch asymmetric peacock half-bib necklace is $22.50. “My ultimate goal is to simultaneously seduce and repel, drawing the viewer in with beautiful images and stunning them with an unexpected intimacy,” Diehl says.


SU14 R-D IMPULSE octopus

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