Holiday Reminders

Santa with a serious point of view, from Bunny with a Toolbelt


There’s nothing in this list that you probably don’t already know. But they all bear repeating, especially as we head into the most critical retail selling season of the year.

• Create an atmosphere that’s whimsical, joyful, playful and uplifting.

• Find employees who are happiest when busiest. And make absolutely sure they like dealing with people.

• Hire full-time staff who are willing to work longer hours.

• Encourage staff to take breaks.

• Create morale boosters.

• Act as if even last-minute requests are no problem.

• Plan carefully.

• Order early for delivery in summer and fall.

• Keep seasonal items to a minimum.

• Expect some products not to arrive, despite the artists’ and your own best efforts.

• Hold an open house in late November or early December.

• Make sure window and store displays are refreshed.

• Make full use of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest).

• Keep your sense of humor.

• Always have a Plan B.

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