CERF+ Survey Demographics

West Virginia designer, artist and blacksmith Jeff Fetty.

Just who are the artists who responded to the CERF+ 2013 Sustaining Careers survey? Here’s a quick breakdown:


EDUCATION — More than three quarters of the survey respondents (77%) were college graduates, 40% with a four-year degree and 37% with a graduate degree. Fourteen percent had some college, 5% two-year college certificate and 4% high school or technical school.


CRAFT EDUCATION — A quarter (25%) of the respondents were self-taught, 22% attended short courses or workshops without significant college art instruction, 19% earned a BFA, 16% an MFA, 13% had some college instruction in art or craft, and 5% were apprenticed without significant college art instruction. More than eight in 10 craft artists in business indicated that they did not receive adequate business or career-related instruction in college.


AGE — Survey respondents’ ages were skewed toward older craft artists. The largest age cohort was 55-64 (39% of respondents), followed by 45-54 (21%) and 65 and older (19%).


RACE OR ETHNICITY — More than nine in 10 respondents (91%) were Caucasian.


RESEARCH METHODS — More than 3,500 individuals responded to a national, online survey conducted by CERF+ with the help of its partners. Of these, 3,393 identified themselves working in one or more craft mediums and are included in this report. The survey was active in January and February 2013.

Forty-six partnering organizations, including guilds, national craft medium-focused organizations, schools, state and local arts councils, craft councils, artist service organizations and show producers forwarded the survey to their members. The partners’ distribution of the survey extended the reach but made it impossible to calculate a response rate. However, CERF+ staff is pleased with the high response and confident of the findings. Dreeszen & Associates and CERF+ staff developed and reported survey results.

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