Artist Profile: Jeremy Sinkus

A trio of pint­sized glass octopi in primary colors.

Metalworker, stoneworker, environmental technician, glassworker, diver, collector of crystals and fossils—artist Jeremy Sinkus has followed many paths, but he has never strayed far from the sea.

“I am most blissful when at sea,” he says, and ocean creatures—turtles and starfish, coral and seaweed, crabs and jellyfish, lobsters, octopi and squid—populate his work in lamps, pendants, sculptures, paperweights, marbles, terrariums, aquariums and wall sculptures.

Sinkus was making metal and stone sculpture more than a decade ago when he decided to add flameworked glass. “I soon found that flameworking glass could resemble all the other mediums I loved to work with.”

But he has another mission. “I focus on sea life to reflect the fragility of such a delicate eco­system and the creatures in it,” he says. “Through my art form I hope to bring awareness to conservation.”

Sinkus also creates other forms—flowers, frogs, spiders, ferns, a hornets’ nest. But he always aims for “forms that look old with a contemporary feel.”

Gallery representation, besides allowing him to display his work in many locations, gives him the chance to see his work next to that of other artists, “keeping me in creative flow.” And, he said, “I feel like the retailers of my work are colleagues.” Among his recognitions, Sinkus was a 2013 NICHE Award finalist in the Glass: Lampworked category for a meticulously rendered lobster and trap piece called “Lobstical.”

When he does get out to show his creations, Sinkus says, “Most people ask me if I am a scuba diver … I love to scuba dive whenever I have the time.” He’s dived from New England to Hawaii and the Caribbean. “It is so wonderful to see and be with my subjects in their natural state and environment.”

And when people ask—as many do—“Is that a real jellyfish?” Sinkus can say, “No, it isn’t, but that’s what I’m going for. Thanks for asking!”

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