Craft Gallery News

Helen Winnemore Craft
It’s 75 years and counting for Helen Winnemore Craft in Columbus, Ohio.

The Helen Winnemore Craft gallery in Columbus, Ohio, known as the country’s oldest craft store, has reached another milestone: 75 years in business. Since 1938, the shop has focused on showcasing handmade work by American artisans. It changed hands only three times in its long history, and current owner Sarah Kellenberger Harpham works to maintain the welcoming environment that the late Helen Winnemore first established, while continuing to introduce new work from talented American artists.

March marked the 35th anniversary of Washington, D.C.’s Zenith Gallery. Established in 1978 by Margery E. Goldberg, the gallery celebrated with the exhibition “Trees, The World’s Greatest Cooperators,” featuring sculpture, painting and mixed-media work by Zenith Gallery resident artists.

Stonington Gallery
Stonington Gallery has relocated to a new space in the heart of Seattle’s Pioneer Square.

After 31 years in its original location, Stonington Gallery has moved. In April, the gallery reopened at 125 S. Jackson St. in the heart of Seattle’s Pioneer Square. The gallery specializes in showcasing contemporary works by Northwest Coast and Alaskan artists.

River Gallery in Chelsea, Mich., celebrated its 10th anniversary in February. To mark the occasion, owners Patti Schwarz and Deborah Greer held a special reception and exhibition, “No Plan B,” which introduced both new and current artists to the community. Representing local, regional and national artists, the gallery proudly maintains a reputation for producing six exhibitions annually, to critical and commercial success.

Blue Rain Gallery, with locations in Santa Fe and Scottsdale, celebrated its 20th anniversary in January. “We have far exceeded the expectations we had two decades ago, and I am excited about what the future holds for us,” said gallery owner Leroy Garcia. To mark the anniversary, the gallery has scheduled an entire year of special programming.

After more than a decade of selling handmade crafts in Charlotte, N.C., Maddi’s Gallery has closed. Owners Madis and Diane Sulg announced their retirement after the building that housed their gallery was sold.

Goldesberry Gallery in Houston, Texas, also closed its doors at the end of 2012 with the retirement of its owners. Oliver and Nancy Goldesberry opened the gallery in 1991 and moved it to its current home in 1993.