Impulse Buy: Elephabet

A is for Acrobatiphants! D is for Dwellephants! S is for Sushiphants! Every picture is a pun in Hilary Pfeifer’s book “Elephabet” (paperback, Etsy and Amazon, $10). Pfiefer, otherwise known as Bunny with a Toolbelt, is a Portland, Ore.-based artist who creates great big installations and very small whimsical pieces out of reclaimed wood. In the book, photographs of Pfeifer’s handmade signature elephant sculptures illustrate a conflated word for each letter of the alphabet. For Neapoliphant, for instance, she’s created critters done in the chocolate-vanilla-strawberry colors of flavored ice cream.

The book is a perfect addition to the bookshelves of children of all ages who love the language can enjoy the art. Visit for more information.

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