It’s Cool to Buy American

Anyone who participates in the crafts business —artists, retailers, collectors, schools, fairs, festivals, museums—is invited to take part in the third annual American Craft Week, scheduled Oct. 5-14. It’s a celebration of American craft that invites all the members of the craft community to educate the public on what American craft is all about—and why they should buy it.

“There is a new awareness of the rewards of buying well-designed goods of enduring quality and made with care,” says Diane Sulg, co-chair of American Craft Week. “The week’s events help the general public locate, appreciate and enjoy craft in a fun, festive way.

A project of Craft Retailers and Artists for Tomorrow (CRAFT), the nationwide event is sponsored and supported by a variety of craft organizations. The sponsors, including Asheville Art in the Park, the Furniture Society, the state of Vermont and the Center for Craft, Creativity & Design, encourage craft lovers to hold special events during this time period to “put American craft in a national spotlight.” Celebrations will include festivals, open studios, museum shows, screenings of PBS’s Craft in America series (see page 11) and more. The goal for this year is to have at least one event in every state.

To learn more about American Craft Week, and how to participate (including on social media), go to

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