PA Artisan Trails


PA Artisan Trails
Krista Donbaugh, manager
Newport, Pa.

How are the trails organized?
There are currently six artisan trails across Pennsylvania. Each trail has a lead organization that works independently, assembling a group of partners (galleries, artisans, B&Bs, eateries and other related arts destinations) through various means, including direct invite, referrals and requests to join.

Do you have plans to expand?
Yes, PA Artisan Trails is in the process of stabilizing trail structures and staffing, as well as planning for potential funding that would strengthen the alliance’s ability to develop, market and support partners and their communities. Very often, we identify potential partners or groupings of artisans and destinations that are not geographically along the existing trails. As a result, the alliance is open to adding new linear routes and expanding partner possibilities in underserviced areas

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