Tweeting Not High on Some Retailers’ Lists

Sad Twitter Logo

It may appear that we live in a society obsessed with the latest celebrity tweet or Facebook status update, but according to a recent study, certain forms of social media have yet to win over some business owners.

Small business insurer Hiscox Insurance Company commissioned online interviews in late May with 304 U.S. business owners and managers. Each business had fewer than 250 employees.

The survey found that only 4 percent said they couldn’t do without social media as a marketing tool, compared to 50 percent who said the same about word-of-mouth recommendations.

Of those who do use social media for their business, 28 percent have a company Facebook page, 18 percent have a company LinkedIn page, 6 percent employ a YouTube or video-streaming channel, and only 2 percent have a company Twitter feed.

According to this research, the majority of owners haven’t yet fully embraced social media as a vital part of their businesses. But don’t delete your profiles yet—social media has shown no sign of slowing down.

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