17 Signs that You Are a Great Boss


Is your coffee mug missing a “World’s Best Boss” label? Steve Strauss says few bad bosses actually see themselves that way. In his article, “17 Signs that You Are a Great Boss,” he lists the traits of a successful leader.

  1. You don’t micromanage.
  2. You know how to have fun.
  3. You push, but know when to back off.
  4. You have good manners.
  5. You treat employees like adults.
  6. You are fair.
  7. You make exceptions.
  8. You reward good, hard work.
  9. You create a team.
  10. You lead.
  11. You teach, and learn.
  12. You listen.
  13. You don’t engage in petty office politics.
  14. You make people feel valued.
  15. You set realistic, achievable goals.
  16. You criticize, and compliment too.
  17. You inspire.

To see the full article as it originally appeared on the American Express OPEN Forum, visit http://www.openforum.com/idea-hub/topics/managing/article/17-signs-that-you-are-a-great-boss-1.

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