Watch It! This Art Form Tells Time

Watches by Linda Shull (310-391-7436), including this limited-edition “Anniversary Watch,” are designed to make a functional fashion statement.

Watches may be a functional convenience for most of us, but for the fashion-conscious, it’s the jumping-off point for telling time and making a statement.

The Keum-Boo 0001 watch by Hershal Wiggins Designs (215-796-3225) combines his signature use of argentium sterling silver with 24kt gold.

In fact, the more funky and eye-catching they are, the better. These three discerning jewelry artists are only too happy to oblige.

Linda Shull’s work incorporates her own handmade fused dichroic art glass with sterling silver in whimsical patterns to create her watches. She uses the kinetic qualities of the glass to create depth, movement and intensity. Worn loose to look like bracelets, she says the pieces are designed specifically to give both wearers and observers a dose of amusement.

The metal “Orbit Pendulum Clock” by Leonie Lacouette (845-255-3762) perfectly accentuates any wall.

Hershal Wiggins’ watch creations drew him to seek out new material. Frustrated by easily tarnished traditional sterling silver, he started working with argentium silver, an alloy heavily resistant to discoloring. Through experimentation with the metal, he created his newest watch, Keum-Boo 0001, fusing pure gold onto argentium sterling silver. His other watches with argentium silver faces have colorful bands and matching hour and minute hands.

For home decor options, Leonie Lacouette’s wall clocks would look good in any room. Her designs are simple and range from metal clocks to modern wooden timepieces. Geometric shapes often meet playful designs, and come in a variety of sizes.

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