Seasons on St. Croix Gallery


Seasons on St. Croix Gallery
Ruth Misenko, owner
Hudson, Wis.
Year Established: 2000
Number of Employees: 12

Who are your gallery’s customers? Our customers are an eclectic mix of individuals who live in our community or visit us from nearby Minneapolis/St. Paul, and from around the world. If pressed for demographics, we would say our customers are predominantly women, aged 40-65. But we’ve also begun to attract a growing number of couples who enjoy original, handcrafted work, as well as younger people. Clearly our customer is anyone who walks in the gallery!

How have you changed your marketing strategies? We’ve changed them in many ways over the past year and a half. As our mailing list expanded, we found we could no longer afford to do mass mailings 12 times a year, so we moved almost exclusively from direct mail to e-mail. At first it was nerve-racking, but we’ve built up a solid e-mail list that really works for us. We also invested in a new website and are trying to develop a social media presence. What we are finding is that it’s not the reallocation of dollars that is the challenge, it’s the reallocation of time.

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