PISMO Fine Art Glass


Pismo Fine Art Glass
Sandy Sardella, owner
Aspen, Beaver Creek, Denver and Vail, Colo.
Year Established: 1990
Number of Employees: 22

What are you doing to make 2011 a strong year for business? We’ve never taken a negative attitude about the economy. We’ve always offered a wide price range—from very affordable, to museum-quality pieces. We are continuing to do direct mail advertising, to do shows, to bring in new artists, to change the mix of the work we carry.

We haven’t marked everything down. I’m not one who believes in putting art on sale. I don’t want to devalue the art for the artist. I run the galleries as if tomorrow is going to be okay.

How do you differentiate your separate gallery locations? There are some artists we carry in all locations. Others we carry in only one or two of the locations. If you walk into the galleries, they look totally different. We probably have more museum-quality artists in the Aspen gallery because we have the clientele in that area to accommodate that.

Beyond tried-and-true customers service, how do you engage your customers?

We do a lot of educating in terms of glass techniques. I did a presentation about collecting glass at the Fort Collins Museum of Art recently and they sent a group of their collectors down to tour the gallery. The more they know about what they’re buying, the more interested they’re going to be.

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