Littleton League of NH Craftsmen Retail Gallery


Littleton League of NH Craftsmen Retail Gallery
Jeff Wheeler, owner
Michele Allison and Beth Simon, co-managers
Littleton, N.H.
Year Established: 2004
Number of Employees: 4

How do you set your gallery apart from the competition? Being part of the League of NH Craftsmen gives our gallery an advantage both locally and regionally. The Littleton Gallery also founded the adjoining Littleton Studio School, which offers classes in metals, ceramics and mixed media to students of all ages and experience levels. As students start working in these mediums, they begin to develop a very different appreciation for craft and what it means to be a craftsperson.

What are you doing to make 2011 a strong year for business? Because the gallery is below street level, we’re making improvements to our entrance to make it more visible and enticing, including new signage, banners and a freshly painted door.

Do you use social media? We use Facebook. It definitely expands our audience, particularly the under-30 crowd. The Littleton Studio School also uses Facebook, and we work diligently to make both pages reinforce each other.

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