Facebook Brand Pages Foster Loyalty

Let’s face it, maintaining a business page for your gallery on Facebook is time consuming. Is all the effort you put into it paying off? According to a study by DDB, 92% of fans who “like” a business page are brand advocates. That shouldn’t be surprising, especially if they sought out your gallery online. Of those fans, 49% feel very comfortable recommending your page to a friend, while 43% say they would probably recommend it.

The majority of polled fans found brand pages through an ad, an invitation from a friend or a web search. Once there, fans are looking for more than downloadable coupons (although that is certainly an incentive to visit the pages). Instead, they want to feel like VIPs through exclusive content and information about your products and services, and are also interested in giving feedback you will value and might implement.

To maintain your fans, consider them loyal customers and apply the principles of classic customer service, recommends survey leader Catherine Lautier, director of business intelligence at DDB France. “I was expecting brand page visitors to be a lot more benefits oriented, versus ‘I’m joining because I actively want to recommend it to friends,’ ” she explains.

The DDB “Facebook and Brands” survey, conducted in August and September, polled more than 1,600 respondents from six countries, skewed toward a female demographic (55%) with an average age of 31.

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