Tool Box

Wexel Art’s wall frames are easy to hang and can promote in-store signage or an artist’s work.

As a gallery owner, it’s critical to be able to change the art on your walls quickly and easily. Wexel Art offers crystal-clear recycled acrylic frames with silver-brushed aluminum hardware in an array of sizes. How does it work? Once you’ve hung the frame, place your art behind the clear panel and click the strong magnets at each corner into place. Voila! Wexel Art also offers tabletop frames for easy in-store signage swaps, like event calendars at the checkout counter. The frames range in price from $19.99 to $59.99 and can be ordered in custom-cut sizes. Learn more here.

Do your customers find it easy to read the jewelry tags in your display cases? It may be time to spruce up these silent salespeople with Arch Crown’s new custom insert tags for watch and jewelry boxes, computer string tags, or Mylar and paper thermal transfer labels. Whatever your needs, you can find the complete catalog here.

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