Anya SF

The “Jen Maxi” shirt by Anja Broenink of Anya SF features a little extra length to flatter tall women, but can also be worn as a tunic.

Anja Broenink of Anya SF studied fashion design in the Netherlands, and worked for several years in the fashion industry in Paris and Amsterdam before making the transatlantic move to San Francisco, where she launched her clothing line in 2003.

Broenink’s focus is comfort. “My art-to-wear is colorful and fun with a lot of prints,” she says. “It’s also very comfortable and very flattering.” Although she sources her fabrics from textile shows in Los Angeles and New York City, she’ll also go as far away as European markets, or as close as her local fabric store.

Her latest work has a huge emphasis on recycling old clothes—particularly T-shirts. Broenink likes to add her own stamp to the green line of dresses and tops with silkscreen prints. But she’s very careful to match the embellishment to the pre-existing prints on the fabrics.

“I make all of my own patterns,” she says. And she’s developed her own style. You’ll find it in the softness of the fabrics, the prints she chooses and her signature bright top-stitching.

Broenink diversifies her line with boiled wool additions. It’s a multi-step process that ends with a perfect fit. She starts by adding in extra fabric allowance to the pattern, cuts, sews and embellishes the piece, and then boils it. “The design and the pattern are very much connected,” she explains.

Also expect a broad appeal for Broenink’s aesthetic. “My customers include women from 25 to 80,” she says. The clothing is eclectic, sure, but it’s a magnet for women who want to set themselves apart from the crowd. “Customers like my clothing because it is different,” she explains. “It is easy to wear and travels well.”

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