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When you hear the acronym “SEO,” do your eyes glaze over? You’re not alone. Who has time to write and rewrite a website chock full of the right keywords at the right frequency? But according to Brian Clark, founder of Copyblogger and Scribe, it doesn’t take a writer-scientist to figure it out. In his whitepaper, “How to Create Compelling Content that Ranks Well in Search Engines,” Clark breaks down the essential components:

Targeted searches are the most common online activity after e-mail. Searchers are motivated; your goal is to capture their attention and retain it.

Think of search engines like bright toddlers. “You wouldn’t set a bone-in ribeye and steak knife in front of a 4-year-old,” he says. “You’d present the food in easily chewable bite-sized chunks with appropriate utensils.” Your content has to hold the reader’s interest, but it also has to rank well. Write clearly and be aware of the keywords you’re using.

Attracting natural links from other websites also improves your rank. Write copy that turns heads. “The same emotional forces that prompt people to buy can also cause people to link from blogs and other social media platforms,” Clark explains. Download the full paper here.

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  1. Brian Clark is brilliant, compelling, and easy to learn from. In his blogging, he is definitely skilled and knowledgeable. I love his weekly wrap-up. I definitely put his How To Advice into action and it does work very well. Thanks again for featuring his paper. Good stuff. I know others will benefit from it as well.

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