Guerrilla Marketing for Holiday Dollars

Quirk Gallery promotes itself by supporting its neighborhood in Richmond, Va., and participating in “Saturday Stroll” events.

How is your year shaping up so far? If you’re like many retailers, your hopes are high but your bottom line is still a little weak.

Take heart. With some savvy planning, creativity and elbow grease, it’s not too late to close out 2010 well in the black. Shoppers are out there again; they’re just holding on a little tighter to their dollars. We’ve identified two key tracks for getting them to loosen their grip: community-centered sales strategies and outside-the-box event planning.

What follows are features that target both sales and special events, backed up by real-life success stories from retailers who’ve put great ideas into play. If you start now, there’s no reason why your gallery can’t be ringing in the holiday season with plenty of sales.

For more of “Guerrilla Marketing for Holiday Dollars” pick up a copy of the Summer 2010 issue of NICHE magazine.

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