Wedding Bells & Hard-Earned Sells

Many brides are turning to colored stones in their wedding bands, like the ones shown here in Krista and Eric McCafferty’s “Starry Night” collection from Compliments Gallery.

Make no mistake about it: weddings are big business, in ANY economy. Sure, today’s newly engaged couples might be a little more conservative in their spending than they were in years past, but that still translates into a lot of dollar signs—weddings are a $60 billion industry.

In shaky times, tradition and value seem to reign supreme with the bride- and groom-to-be, and there’s no better place to find either than in handcrafted jewelry. Anticipating the wants, needs and fears of those little lovebirds can help you slice off a nice piece of the wedding market for your own business.

For more of “Wedding Bells & Hard-Earned Sells” pick up a copy of the Spring 2010 NICHE magazine.


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