Tapping Terroir—and Regional Taste—at The Steel Fork

It’s nothing new to sell products based on the merits of fine handmade American craft and the stories of its makers. Husband-and-wife team Ben and Kate Gatski have helped retailers do that since they launched Gatski Metal in 2003, creating colorful sculptures hand-cut and -welded from recycled farm machinery.

But the Gatskis took their venture a few steps further in October, when they launched the online store The Steel Fork. The new business is based on the French concept of goût de terroir, which the Gatskis interpret to mean “the taste of the soil.”

“It’s a fancy way of saying regional differences give products strong character and flavor,” Kate explains. The store offers handmade market bags, jewelry and even whole-hog sausage. It’s more than branding. It’s a lifestyle.

The Steel Fork is a natural development. The Gatskis have discussed adding a food component to their business for years. And Ben is no stranger to farming; he owned a dairy business. The Gatskis also own a small herd of pigs.

For now, The Steel Fork’s products are handmade at the Gatskis’ studio in Bloomsburg, Pa. They plan to add more products that represent their passions for farm, food and design. “We believe its due time for the farm to get a fresh, modern, hip look,” Kate says.

Although Gatski Metal will remain the couple’s full-time focus, they hope that the new venue will allow them to sell more one-of-a-kind works and start producing more food products at their farm. Visit www.thesteelfork.com to learn more.


  1. Great to see the Gatski’s here! I think they bring something truly unique to the craft and simple life tables. And their brand has the ability to appeal to a wide range of generations.

    Keep up the good work, Kate and Ben!

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