Understanding the Why of Consumer E-mail Subscriptions

The key to meeting the needs and expectations of your current e-mail subscribers is understanding why they sign up in the first place, according to a survey by Forrester Research, Inc.

Discounts are the biggest draw, with 68% of consumers reporting that they sign up for retail e-mails to get a deal. Half of consumers said that they subscribe simply because they like the retailer or brand, and 49% said that they want to get a heads up about sales.

The key is determining which of your subscribers fall into each of these categories, so you can tailor your messages. Improving your online preference center will help you gather more information about each subscriber.

For consumers who are after discounts, try putting language in the subject line about special offers. Consumers who subscribe because they like your gallery will be drawn to e-mails focusing on in-store events. If you learn which mediums particular subscribers collect, you can notify them of specific sales and shows.

Also important? Advertise the benefits of subscribing to your e-mails, and not just on your website. Display information at the counter to get customers online once they leave your store.

Forrester’s online survey questioned 5,400 adults in the U.S. and Canada last August.

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