Product Watch: Take Control of Your Finances

Green Sherpa’s Dashboard gives an instant snapshot of your total financial picture, including account balances, current cash flow and pending transactions.

They say ignorance is bliss, but when it comes to cash-flow management, knowing is half the battle. Green Sherpa, a new online cash-flow management and budgeting system, allows you to access all of your accounts at once, from any computer at any time, and communicate the information to your partner or accountant.

Created in 2007 by Masen Yaffee and Erin Lozano, a husband-and-wife team that has managed cash flow for Pepsi and Wells Fargo, Green Sherpa is designed for big businesses and personal households alike.

Green Sherpa allows you to automatically sync your checking, savings and credit card accounts, saving hours of data entry. If you have a question about a particular expense, flag it and leave a note for your colleague.

Green Sherpa’s Cash Flow Projection feature lets you forecast future cash flow based on historical spending and projected income and expenses.

Seeing your entire financial picture makes it easier to set goals and realize them; the Goalkeeper function helps you monitor your progress each month. An alert feature lets you know when you have overspent your budgeted amount in a certain area, then allows you to adjust amounts to get back on track.

Green Sherpa won’t break the bank, either. Sign up for a plan at $7.95 a month, or get a yearly subscription for $71.40. Go to for more information.

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