Draw Customers Online with How-To Articles

You already know that building your business means building customers’ trust. You want shoppers, both online and in your store, to look at you as an expert in the industry. A great way to establish this kind of relationship is by posting informative how-to articles on your website.

Nowadays, the Internet is often the first place consumers go for research, so why not bring them to your site? “How-to articles can attract traffic, improve your search position, engage visitors, increase time visitors spend on-site and help to establish your brand and expertise,” says Jan Riley, CEO and founder of LeadMastersUSA, a website marketing company in Atlanta, Ga.

Try creating a regular series of articles on your website. Start by covering topics you’re familiar with, such as how to display a collection, how to clean artwork, or how to appraise and catalog a collection. Put printouts of the latest article at the register for customers to grab on their way out.

“Online shoppers are looking for indications that your store will have the expertise and willingness to help them if there are questions after the sale,” says Riley. “How-to articles can boost consumer confidence because they demonstrate that you know real-world facts about your products.”

Quotes from Jan Riley originally appeared in the article, “How-to Articles Can Boost Sales” on Practical eCommerce. They are reprinted with her permission. Learn more about LeadMastersUSA at www.leadmastersusa.com.

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