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Embracing social media as a business tool isn’t as difficult as you may think. We’ve found three free e-books that will prime you for success on Facebook, Twitter and the mobile web. Click on the titles below to read the full versions.

How to Use Facebook for Business

By HubSpot
E-book, 22 pages, free

How to Use Facebook for Business from HubSpot, an inbound marketing software company founded by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, promises to “walk you through (absolutely) everything you need to know about using Facebook for marketing to drive real business results.”

HubSpot delivers on that promise with clear text and plenty of screen shots. The e-book explains the basic details of setting up a personal profile or a page for your business, and the differences between the two, then walks you through promoting your page. And even if you’re a novice at online advertising, the book offers easy-to-understand instructions on how to create and optimize ads on Facebook, including adding social actions, targeting a specific audience, and measuring and analyzing the results.

Whether Facebook is part of your daily ritual or you’ve never landed on the home page, How to Use Facebook for Business is an excellent resource to help you establish and build an online presence.

Twitter for Beginners

By Charlene Kingston
E-book, 29 pages, free
Crow Information Design

Twitter is another emerging player in the social media community. Sure, it may not be difficult to write a message under 140 characters, but how does that benefit your business? Information strategist Charlene Kingston, founder of Crow Information Design, addresses this question in Twitter for Beginners.

“Twitter is like walking through a large party and eavesdropping on conversations,” Kingston explains. “You invited these people to attend. However, once they arrive, they are free to talk about anything on their mind.”

Before you decide to throw a party, Kingston warns, you need to think about what your goals are. Is it for business communication? To reach customers? To drive traffic to your website?

The e-book goes on to describe how to choose who to follow, what to “tweet” or “retweet,” how to manage your reputation, and, most important, how to analyze your weekly Twitter activity. In essence, it’s a perfect primer to help you decide what will work best for your business.

Marketing Your Small Business on the Mobile Web

By MobiThinking
E-book, 11 pages, free

Marketing Your Small Business on the Mobile Web: The Guide to Low-Cost, High-Impact Marketing to Millions of Mobile Phone Users offers another avenue to help potential (and current) customers find you and your products—on their phones. It is produced by MobiThinking, a division of dotMobi led by CEO Trey Harvin.

Viewing websites on a small screen is very different from viewing them on a regular computer screen—so think small and provide the basics: contact information, directions and a description of your business. From there, you can get creative.

Mobile sites have the potential to be the source for exclusive promotions and ever-changing eye candy touting your store’s latest merchandise. In any case, as the guide recommends, keep it simple and make sure it works on all phones.

Ready to get started? Pick up the free e-book to get all the details.

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