Trends in Home Decor

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Wide-ranging trends are allowing retailers to appeal to the differing interests of customers looking to change the appearance of their homes. For retailers who want to stay ahead of the curve, here are six distinct trends that popped up (a lot!) at the Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market and NY NOW this summer. All are expected by trend watchers such as Stylesight, an international trend forecasting agency, to be very popular.
• Tapestries. An old technique gets a modern look with bold shapes and bright colors. Tapestries remain popular as wall hangings and rugs, but now are appearing on upholstered hard goods—for instance, serving in place of hard surfaces in shelves.
• Linens. Versatile linens, including 100 percent organic flax, appear in rooms throughout the house—on pillow shams, tablecloths, aprons, ruffled towels. Linen can either be relaxed or starched for an elegant appearance.
• Repurposed wood. Vintage wood objects, often matched with metal, combine past and present when resurfaced. Some leave the emphasis on the grain, while others are applying a patina to objects.
• Baroque scrollwork. Intricate scrollwork in large and sometimes unexpected places adds drama to modern spaces as well as more traditional ones. Scrollwork may be carved into deep wood or simply painted on to a new object.
• Regal colors. Bold shades of red, gold and purple bring richness to furnishings and even floors.
• “Ghost” furniture. Pieces with acrylic or latex surfaces can leave the emphasis on larger furniture or, when used in expected places, such as stool legs, create a strong visual impact of its own.

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